I love Bakerzin!

If you follow me on Twitter, you would’ve noticed that I eat at Bakerzin a lot of times already. That’s true, because I love Bakerzin!

The only Bakerzin I’ve visited is the one in Summarecon Mall Serpong, because that’s the nearest to my place lol (effortless). Well, I love everything, the interior design, the waitresses, the ambience, but not the space. It’s too small for an excellent restaurant like Bakerzin!

Bakerzin is orginated from Singapore and they’ve opened some branches here in Indonesia, you can check it out at: (www.bakerzin.com) or (www.bakerzin.co.id) Their menu varies, starting from macarons, cakes, bread, pastry, salad, pasta, rice, steak, also coffee and so on. I’d recommend Bakerzin because I’m happy for everything, for their service, their friendliness, their wifi (lol) and hospitality.

I’m a big fan of Bakerzin’s pasta, OMG pasta goodness! Mussels Cream Linguini is one of my favorite, not to mention the sauce, it’s so creamyyyy, I DIE! D: The mussels itself were sweet and freshly cooked. I’ve tried eating spaghetti in other restaurants and sometimes it’s not well-cooked, not soft enough even for my tongue. But this one! I’m trying not to exaggerate, but truth has to be spoken eh? Lol!

A friend of mine once ordered their Bratwurst Lasagna which brought a heavenly taste to her tongue and she was like crying in every single bite of it (not exaggerating lol). I grabbed a bite actually, and I cried. It’s very rich of cheese and the flavor of the bratwurst itself.

Bakerzin is worth a try, for me. It’s gonna hurt my pride if I lie that I hate Bakerzin because every single thing about it makes me happy. Bakerzin hasn’t really disappointed me like other restaurants have, so I’m glad to say that I love Bakerzin (loyal customer mode lol). Keep it up, Bakerzin!

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Hakata Ikkousha

Oishii is the best word to describe their food!

I’ve been to Hakata Ikkousha Ramen for countless times and I can still say they have the tastiest ramen ever!

Before you decide to visit one of their branches, make sure you acknowledge first whether it’s the prime hour or peak hour. It’s really a normal thing to be listed on the waiting list, why, Hakata Ikkousha is always full of guests! But it’s always worth the wait, I’d say.

If you don’t eat pork, don’t worry. They also have ramen with chicken or fish, sometimes they combine both fish and pork depends on how you want it to be! My favorite ever is the Silver Pork Ramen, which has the tastiest soup and softest pork slices. Their soup is so rich of flavor, they said it was combination of pork and fish but it tasted like crab for me, and it’s delicious!

They also have choices for the noodles itself, whether you want it to be spicy or ordinary, the spicy ones are red (of course) I haven’t tried that one yet because I had bad sore-throat even though I was dying to taste it. I also tried their pork cheeks, first time in my life. It was delicious, really, but I don’t think I’m a big fan of it. You know, it tastes like samcian (pork fats) with less meat, so slimy.

Oh well, if you live in Jakarta and you haven’t tried Ikkousha, you should think about it now. Their food prices are vary, it’s more or less IDR 50,000-IDR 70,000 for ramen. They provide ocha refill! That’s what I like, lol. You should consider Hakata Ikkousha as one of your dinner destination, they have two branches in Jakarta:

JL. Muara karang raya No.85 Pluit Muara Karang, Jakarta Utara | +62-021-6660-0255

JL.boulevard raya WA №19-20 Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara | +62-021-453-0445

They open everyday on 11 a.m. – 2.30 p.m. / 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. They don’t accept reservations, so come earlier to queue. Lol. Feel free to check their Facebook page as well: http://www.facebook.com/ikkousha.ramen/info

Have a nice day!

Let’s go fishing to Fish & co!


Are you a big fan of fish, fish & chips or seafood?
A little bit different from Bandar Djakarta or other seafood restaurants that serve fresh food which you can choose by your own just by looking at it through the aquarium, Fish & co is a little bit more modest for me.

The atmosphere, interior design, beachy feeling when you arrive in the restaurant, makes me think I’m just sitting in a café next to the harbour. They have delicious fish & chips (which I know they’re delicious just by looking at the menu lol) But they’re seriously tasty. They have pasta as well, quite a number of it, they also serve fresh seafood platter which I’m dying to try (maybe someday).

I ordered Prawn Fettuccini with Chili Cream and New York Fish & Chips which both were delicious and tasty. The fettuccini itself wasn’t spicy as the name given lol, it’s so creamy, soft and tasty. Especially the prawns, freshly cooked, so fresh I could still taste its sweetness.

The New York Fish & Chips came in a huge portion! What a pleaseant surprise. Lol! The fish itself was crunchy outside but super soft inside (I don’t know how they did it). The sour cream on the top of the fish never fails to add such great taste to my tongue.

If you’re craving for something tasty and crunchy, or maybe creamy as well, why don’t you come by Fish & Co?
I came to one in Living World Mall, Alam Sutera and I definitely loved their ambience. Find one now!

Ah, click and visit their website as well: http://www.fish-co.com
Aye, Captain!