Let’s go fishing to Fish & co!


Are you a big fan of fish, fish & chips or seafood?
A little bit different from Bandar Djakarta or other seafood restaurants that serve fresh food which you can choose by your own just by looking at it through the aquarium, Fish & co is a little bit more modest for me.

The atmosphere, interior design, beachy feeling when you arrive in the restaurant, makes me think I’m just sitting in a café next to the harbour. They have delicious fish & chips (which I know they’re delicious just by looking at the menu lol) But they’re seriously tasty. They have pasta as well, quite a number of it, they also serve fresh seafood platter which I’m dying to try (maybe someday).

I ordered Prawn Fettuccini with Chili Cream and New York Fish & Chips which both were delicious and tasty. The fettuccini itself wasn’t spicy as the name given lol, it’s so creamy, soft and tasty. Especially the prawns, freshly cooked, so fresh I could still taste its sweetness.

The New York Fish & Chips came in a huge portion! What a pleaseant surprise. Lol! The fish itself was crunchy outside but super soft inside (I don’t know how they did it). The sour cream on the top of the fish never fails to add such great taste to my tongue.

If you’re craving for something tasty and crunchy, or maybe creamy as well, why don’t you come by Fish & Co?
I came to one in Living World Mall, Alam Sutera and I definitely loved their ambience. Find one now!

Ah, click and visit their website as well: http://www.fish-co.com
Aye, Captain!


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