I love Bakerzin!

If you follow me on Twitter, you would’ve noticed that I eat at Bakerzin a lot of times already. That’s true, because I love Bakerzin!

The only Bakerzin I’ve visited is the one in Summarecon Mall Serpong, because that’s the nearest to my place lol (effortless). Well, I love everything, the interior design, the waitresses, the ambience, but not the space. It’s too small for an excellent restaurant like Bakerzin!

Bakerzin is orginated from Singapore and they’ve opened some branches here in Indonesia, you can check it out at: (www.bakerzin.com) or (www.bakerzin.co.id) Their menu varies, starting from macarons, cakes, bread, pastry, salad, pasta, rice, steak, also coffee and so on. I’d recommend Bakerzin because I’m happy for everything, for their service, their friendliness, their wifi (lol) and hospitality.

I’m a big fan of Bakerzin’s pasta, OMG pasta goodness! Mussels Cream Linguini is one of my favorite, not to mention the sauce, it’s so creamyyyy, I DIE! D: The mussels itself were sweet and freshly cooked. I’ve tried eating spaghetti in other restaurants and sometimes it’s not well-cooked, not soft enough even for my tongue. But this one! I’m trying not to exaggerate, but truth has to be spoken eh? Lol!

A friend of mine once ordered their Bratwurst Lasagna which brought a heavenly taste to her tongue and she was like crying in every single bite of it (not exaggerating lol). I grabbed a bite actually, and I cried. It’s very rich of cheese and the flavor of the bratwurst itself.

Bakerzin is worth a try, for me. It’s gonna hurt my pride if I lie that I hate Bakerzin because every single thing about it makes me happy. Bakerzin hasn’t really disappointed me like other restaurants have, so I’m glad to say that I love Bakerzin (loyal customer mode lol). Keep it up, Bakerzin!

By the way, pictures are uploaded from my instagram: wijayanita

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