The Omnivorous Bird was in Manila! 🙂


This Is How Much I Love Nando’s

It’s saddening to be the one who lives away from the ones you love.

In this case, I’m unfortunately miles away from Nando’s. Yes, we don’t have Nando’s (yet?) in Jakarta or any other places in Indonesia. The first I had Nando’s was in Malaysia and that was one of the best moments in my life. *cries*

I can’t tell how much I am in love with Nando’s chicken. The crispy, tasty, grilled skin. The softest grilled chicken I’ve ever tasted in my whole life. I was so frustrated for not having Nando’s in my home country, so when I went back to Malaysia last week I had one big platter for me and my boyfriend (that’s how we eat). One whole chicken is included, with 4 side dishes, had them for RM 53,00, drinks are excluded btw.

What’s your favorite level of sauce? I’m not expert in spicy yet, so HOT is good enough for me. They have MILD, GARLIC, HOT and EXTRA HOT. We ordered for MILD last time because my boyfriend couldn’t stand the spicy taste of Nando’s special sauce. But don’t worry, they provide sauce in different levels in bottles, so you can just dip your chicken happily. Peri-peri chips is compulsory for me, it’s basically french fries with Nando’s chili powder, but it’s glorious!

So if you’re interested to bring your date to Nando’s for dinner or a casual lunch, feel free to visit their website:

They have the cutest web-design ever! Bon Appétit!