Tamani Cafe

Fresh Salmon Fillet

It was my graduation ceremony last week, so I invited my friends to Tamani Cafe to treat them a yummy dinner. Here’s what I come up with: Caesar Salad, Fresh Salmon Fillet with mushroom sauce and a combo steak which includes salmon, chicken, mushroom and beef. We went to Tamani Cafe, the one in Summarecom Mall Serpong Downtown Walk, the interior design attracted me first, I’ve known Tamani for a long time and their meals never fail us.

Caesar Salad

Their Caesar Salad was the cheesiest one I’ve ever tasted, I like the dressing, really. It’s not too sour like other restaurants have, it’s somehow tastier. It’s always best to have salads as starter before anything else, agree?

I had the Fresh Salmon Fillet for main course, the 300gr fresh salmon well done grilled, I can still recall how tasty it was, yum. I know it’s really unusual, but I’d like to recommend their mashed potato, it was probably one of the best. Their mashed potato tasted so creamy and it’s so rich with taste, it would be so much better if you order for mashed rather than fried ones, besides it’s healthier too.

Combo steak of salmon, beef, chicken and vegies. My boyfriend ordered this because he couldn’t decide what to have among salmon, beef, or chicken, so he just went for this one. lol. Anyway, I had a chance to taste it and it was delicious! I forgot how much it was, it was in a special menu and they don’t have it in their regular menu. The beef steak actually looked like burger ham, but don’t judge a book by its cover! It actually has rich beef-y taste.

So, if you’re looking for a place to eat tonight, why don’t you drop by Tamani Cafe and tell me how it goes? Nomnomnom!