Busog is a word in Tagalog/ Filipino which means “stuffed/ full”.

I’ve visited The Philippines so many times already, it’s like a second home to me. As a foreign traveler, of course I always want to try new things, new food and visit new places. I must say, Filipino dishes have really strong sweet and sour taste. Filipinos usually eat their meals with vinegar or soy sauce as a dip, which we don’t normally do back in my home-country. As an Indonesian, (who used to eat spicy meals) it’s very hard to find spicy food in The Philippines. I’ve tried their most spicy dish (according to my Filipino friend), Bicol Express, and it was barely spicy for me. It’s even hard to find spicy/hot sauce, especially in restaurants, it tasted more like Tabasco or sweet-spicy Thailand sauce than a real hot sauce. Nevertheless, I’m still a big fan of Filipino dishes!


If you’re planning to visit The Philippines, make sure you have no problem with this main ingredient of their food, it’s pork. As mentioned in the caption, kare-kare contains of pork (of course!), the heart of banana’s tree, eggplant and cabbage. It’s so tasty, I just can’t eat this without extra rice lol. It’s even tastier if you add the Filipino bagoong (shrimp paste), unfortunately I don’t have any picture of it. It also has a taste of “peanut butter”, I always wonder how they make this extraordinarily delicious dish (someone please send me a recipe!)



My next favorite would be Caldereta (beef/chicken/pork stew). The main ingredients for Caldereta varies, it could be pork, beef, or chicken. My fiancé cooked this one for our dinner, he’s very talented, really. The tomato taste in Caldereta is very strong, I would say. It would be even more delicious if you add black pepper and vegetables like bell peppers, potatoes and carrots.




Don’t worry, it’s just a duck, more like a baby duck.

Balot/balut is basically an egg. What makes it so extraordinary is that it’s not an usual egg you normally see in the supermarket or the ones you cook for breakfast. Balot is a few weeks age duck egg (yes, it’s still an embrio of a duck) which was boiled/ steamed (I’m not really sure).  You can find it randomly in the streets for a very very cheap price, you can really tell someone sells Balot if she/ he brings a wooden basket covered with a cloth to keep the Balots warm.

It doesn’t taste bad, actually! Not as bad as the appearance, it’s actually delicious and tasty (even more when you add vinegar or salt). But! Balot is not good to be consumed regularly, it has really high cholesterol.

My other favorites are Sinigang and Inihaw (any kind of inihaw lol). Too bad I don’t have picture of it, but I’ll just explain. Sinigang contains of pork, okra, gabi (root), and kangkoong. It’s also known as tamarind soup with either pork, prawn or fish (usually milk fish). Sinigang na hipon (tamarind soup with prawns) is my favorite! Especially when the prawns are still fresh and sweet! Eat it together with the soup in a single slurp, so yummy!

Whenever you visit The Philippines, spare a day for culinary hunting! It’s worth it, I promise you. It’s very pocket friendly, delicious and satisfying!


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