Ssikkek Korean BBQ Singapore

One of the reasons I went to Singapore is this. $12 eat all you can Korean BBQ at Thomson Rd Novena, Singapore.

We went there at 10 in the morning, without knowing that Ssikkek opens at 11 a.m. But thank God! Judging from this picture below, I think it was a good idea to start queueing at 10.


Well you know, I don’t think it’s such a good idea to stand there for hours while people are eating meat all you can inside air-conditioned room with meat and BBQ scent spreading all over the room. Anyway, don’t skip this one if you’re going to visit Singapore.

Once you’re inside, don’t think, don’t wait, get a plate and pick meats as many as you want (because they have queue as well for this area). Don’t forget to pick bunch of lettuces to wrap your meat with their special Korean sauce. Besides pork, try their beef and flavored chicken as well. I swear it’s so tender, juicy and tasty! I can not pick one, it’s all my favorite!

I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how to describe the tastiness and tenderness of the meat. This is the ultimate reason why I miss Singapore this much, but no worries! Just recently I found out that Ssikkek also has Malaysia branch, I’m dying with happiness!

I feel guilty to myself everytime I look at the pictures. I can recall how much I’ve eaten that day.

Ssikkek BBQ

275 Thomson Road #01-01/02 Novena Ville, Thomson, Georgia 307645

Phone: 6254 8123


Hakata Ippudo

Hakata Ippudo KL

I love to research about restaurants and their food before I decide to experience them. I’ve been to Malaysia countless times and just recently I figured out that Hakata Ippudo is just somewhere there in Kuala Lumpur, so I researched it.

We don’t have Hakata Ippudo in Indonesia or Jakarta, not yet.

When I think that I’ve been doing enough research, I decided to go there last weekend.

We arrived exactly at lunch time (so you can imagine how crowded it was), it wasn’t that hard to spot Hakata Ippudo in Pavilion KL (well, I’m a tourist here, right? lol). Gladly, I took a picture of Hakata Ippudo’s “medium-length” queue (I wonder how crowded it is by dinner time).

Please Fall In Line

It took us approx. 20 minutes to be seated. It was the first time for my boyfriend to try this, so he kinda had a culture shock with the way they serve, you know, shouting their Japanese slogan (which is normal when you visit Japanese restaurants). Anyway! We ordered Shiromaru Motoaji and Akamaru Shinaji which costs like RM 28 per bowl (classic) and you can add few RM for additional ingredients like pork belly or flavored egg (don’t order for those if you’re on diet, just saying lol).

Akamaru Shinaji

They will ask whether you want the ramen noodle to be cooked soft/medium/hard, I ordered for medium (I was actually thinking how hard ramen noodle tastes). I think what differs Akamaru from Shiromaru is their soup. Akamaru has stronger taste, while Shiromaru tastes so classic and less complex. Lol. I believe Akamaru has miso taste in the soup, but both tasted so great, I couldn’t even choose.

Shiromaru Motoaji

Their char siu are so thick and tasty, I had the most sinful day because of these delicious slices of pork (sorry tummy, diet next time). The ramen noodle itself is chewy and I can say it’s better cooked that way (still wondering how hard is the hard-cooked ramen noodles).  I really wanted to try their other menus, but gosh! I just ate one bowl but I felt like I wasn’t gonna eat until next day! lol. 😀

Anyway, if you’re in Kuala Lumpur, stroll around the city, Bukit Bintang exactly. Go to Pavilion KL, level 4 and find Hakata Ippudo with longest queue. Lol. It’s worth the wait!

Hakata Ippudo Malaysia

Lot C4.07.00,
Connection Level 4,
Pavilion KL.
11am – 11pm (daily)