Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

After several times feeding myself with delicious ramen bowls of Hakata Ippudo, I finally tried Hokkaido Ramen Santouka. They are both located in Pavilion KL, you can easily spot Santouka in the line of delicious Japanese restaurants in Tokyo Street Level. 6 Pavilion KL. It was crowded when we got there, but it’s not as crowded as Ippudo which has long waiting line though. We were seated and quickly picked our orders. My husband is addicted to everything about Japan. He was so happy when he saw naruto in his ramen bowl, lol. He ordered Tokusen Toroniku Shio Ramen (RM 36) and I picked the classic Shio Ramen (RM 25) for myself. I was tempted to order their Kara-Miso Ramen but I think this sore throat-flu-tonsillitis would not even survive the whole bowl.

Tokusen Toroniku Shio Ramen

This is listed in their recommended menu. I am so glad that I have such loving husband who’s willing to share every little bite, so I got to try this one as well, lol.

Santouka’s signature soup, as people say. I enjoyed every single of it, slurped it from my spoon, but few minutes after when I felt full already, I couldn’t even finish the whole bowl. The taste is very strong, it is delicious indeed. The noodles though was so soft and chewy, which blends so good with the signature soup itself.

What I like the most is these tasty pork cheeks!

The topping for this Tokusen Toroniku comes in separate plate. You better dip it for few seconds in your ramen bowl before eating it. The pork cheeks were so gooood. I think it was deeply marinated so that it tasted so strong yet chewy and soft in your mouth. Then it crossed my mind, how could something that’s so vulnerably thin, taste so good?

Santouka Shio Ramen

The Shio (salt) Ramen was good. I like the Japanese plum so much, especially when I combined it with the soup. The chasiu slices on top of it were life-changing. It’s the melt-in-your mouth texture that made me fall in love with it. For the noodles, same thing goes with Tokusen Toroniku, I still prefer Hakata Ippudo’s noodles and no offense, IMHO their (Hakata Ippudo) signature soup is really mindblowing. My husband agrees with me, he couldn’t even finish the whole bowl, he prefers Hakata Ippudo ‘s Shiromaru Motoaji, their classic Hakata style ramen. I agree with the fact that Ippudo’s spicy Karaka-men is too oily sometimes (but haven’t gotten a chance to try Santouka’s Kara-Miso Ramen though) but tongue doesn’t lie, lol. Maybe when I get a chance to try Santouka’s Kara-Miso ramen (which so many people have been talking about how delicious it is) I might change my mind! 🙂

Read my experience on Hakata Ippudo KL here: (https://nitalovestoeat.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/hakata-ippudo)

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
Lot 6.24.03, Level 6, Tokyo Street
Pavilion KL,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2143 8878


Racks and Roll!

If you live in The Philippines, surely this restaurant sounds familiar to you. Racks, yeah!

I finally gave it a try few weeks before my wedding (suicidal, I know). I’ve been exercising and working out just to have the perfect body on my wedding day. But, I can hardly recall how much calories I’ve swallowed that day.

Baby Back Ribs

I wasn’t guilty, really!

Recalling on how much I’ve eaten and how delicious they were, nope, not guilty at all. lol.

You MUST TRY their baby back ribs! Oh my gosh, that was my first time eating ribs with such soft meat! Their sauce is yummy too, they have their own signature Racks sauce which is perfect for grills.

Check out their website (http://www.racks.ph) for more information on menu and promotions!

We ordered for family platters the next day, we were all 8 but I assure you it was more than enough! Here’s their menu for family platters.

Racks Family Platters

We went for the Suft ‘N Turf, comes with a full rack pork ribs, fish & chips, one choice of pasta, 2 picthers of coke and 3 large side dishes. Everything was excellent!

Racks Caesar Salad
Racks Spaghetti Carbonara

Both caesar salad and pasta were so creamy and tasty! I don’t have any picture of the fish & chips (it was gone like the wind lol), it was delicious, crispy and tasty as well!

Full Rack Pork Ribs

As ordered, full rack pork ribs!

We couldn’t even eat all that! We had take away instead lol. Between their full rack pork ribs and baby back ribs, I’d prefer the baby back ribs. Not to mention the softness of the meat, you don’t even have to put effort on cutting the meat (that’s how soft it is!)

My Racks first try was a success. Someone please fly me back to The Philippines!

RACKS | http://www.racks.ph

Sushi War

Sushi Tei’s Salmon Sashimi

Sushi and sashimi are both my favorite. I think if I have a list of food I like the most, these will make it to the top of the list.

In Indonesia, we have soooo many sushi restaurants. Sushi Tei, Poke Sushi, Hachi-Hachi Bistro are the three well-known sushi restaurants we have back in my hometown. Maybe some of you already know Sushi Tei, I saw one once in Malaysia at Pavilion KL. Haven’t tried it here in KL though, but I’m sure it tastes somehow similar.

Sushi Tei’s Dragon Roll

Among three restaurants I’ve mentioned above, Sushi Tei has been my favorite of all. Not to mention the freshness of the meat, you can really taste the sweetness of the cold salmon meat in your tongue. Besides the salmon sashimi, you should as well try their Chuka Idako (raw baby octopus). It’s one of my favorite, it tastes so sweet and crunchy, it doesn’t taste bad (as it looks). Don’t forget to order their dragon roll too, I don’t really eat sushi rolls, but when it comes to delicious unagi rolls or cheese rolls, I wouldn’t complain. 😉

When I went to Poke Sushi, I wasn’t satisfied with the salmon sashimi they served. It comes without bag of ice, it’s somehow smaller and the slices are thinner too. The meat became too soft and not-so-fresh anymore. Their seaweed salad was fine though.

When you visit Poke Sushi, try to order the Volcano rolls, it’s a must-try! You wouldn’t regret it!

Poke Sushi

I couldn’t resist Hachi-Haci Bistro’s Energizer (big platter)!


It comes with a looooot of sushi rolls and my favorite (Volcano rolls!). If you’re dining out with a group of friends or family, you should definitely order this one, you won’t regret it, I promise. About their sashimi, I tried their chirashi, which contains of salmon, tuna, octopus, and other fish meats that I couldn’t forget the taste!


Why? Because it tastes and smells so fishy. Their salmon/tuna/octopus were fresh enough even though it comes without any bag of ice. The octopus meat was so crunchy and sweet. It was the first time for me to find tobiko (flying fish roe) on top of sashimi, because they usually use it for sushi. I ate it anyway and it tasted delicious, it adds value to the presentation as well (lol trying to be artistic all of the sudden).

Among these three, Hachi-Hachi Bistro comes with the lowest price yet delicious food. It’s always crowded there, either inside of the restaurant or in the waiting line, lol. And oh, they also have other food besides sushi and sashimi. They have udon, ramen, even steak and rice. Quite flexible for you who don’t eat sushi/raw fish meat, right? 😉

Sushi Tei: http://www.sushitei.com

Hachi-Hachi Bistro: Central Park, Lower Ground Unit 234, Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 28, Slipi. Phone: (021) 56985592

Poke Sushi: http://poke-sushi.com