Racks and Roll!

If you live in The Philippines, surely this restaurant sounds familiar to you. Racks, yeah!

I finally gave it a try few weeks before my wedding (suicidal, I know). I’ve been exercising and working out just to have the perfect body on my wedding day. But, I can hardly recall how much calories I’ve swallowed that day.

Baby Back Ribs

I wasn’t guilty, really!

Recalling on how much I’ve eaten and how delicious they were, nope, not guilty at all. lol.

You MUST TRY their baby back ribs! Oh my gosh, that was my first time eating ribs with such soft meat! Their sauce is yummy too, they have their own signature Racks sauce which is perfect for grills.

Check out their website (http://www.racks.ph) for more information on menu and promotions!

We ordered for family platters the next day, we were all 8 but I assure you it was more than enough! Here’s their menu for family platters.

Racks Family Platters

We went for the Suft ‘N Turf, comes with a full rack pork ribs, fish & chips, one choice of pasta, 2 picthers of coke and 3 large side dishes. Everything was excellent!

Racks Caesar Salad
Racks Spaghetti Carbonara

Both caesar salad and pasta were so creamy and tasty! I don’t have any picture of the fish & chips (it was gone like the wind lol), it was delicious, crispy and tasty as well!

Full Rack Pork Ribs

As ordered, full rack pork ribs!

We couldn’t even eat all that! We had take away instead lol. Between their full rack pork ribs and baby back ribs, I’d prefer the baby back ribs. Not to mention the softness of the meat, you don’t even have to put effort on cutting the meat (that’s how soft it is!)

My Racks first try was a success. Someone please fly me back to The Philippines!

RACKS | http://www.racks.ph


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