DÔME Café Malaysia

I went to Kuala Lumpur last weekend with my husband. It is indeed a city with a great infrastructure, we admire every bit of it. We spent our whole Saturday afternoon strolling around IKEA (like most married couples do on weekends) then we headed to Suria KLCC to meet a good friend of mine.

We’ve been to this place many times already, it’s a good place to kill the time, walk around the park, sit on a bench and talk about a bunch of stuffs until the sun goes down, or might as well go shopping ’til you drop!

Among the many restaurants and cafe in Suria, we picked DĂ”ME CafĂ© Malaysia. It’s located on their Ground floor (lvl.G) just next to the exit of the KLCC park. It was crowded that day, but that’s what I like about it, I don’t like eating in a quiet place, I always feel awkward whenever I cut my steak or slurp my coffee.


What I like the most about DÔME Café is the ambience. The parisian theme, warm yellow lights and wooden chairs, and also, look at how they place their menu!

Few minutes after we were seated, a neat looking waiter approached us to pick up our orders. It wasn’t too long until the food finally arrived. We came there just right before dinner, I promised myself to come back to try their coffee and cakes because they all looked mouth-watering! Too bad, tummy, gotta be early next time!

Anyway, DĂ”ME CafĂ© may look a little bit pricey on the outside but take a peek on their menu, it’s not like it will take out all the money in your wallet at once, lol! It was all worth it (to be specific: the food, the taste, the service, the ambience).

DOME Cafe 2

DOME Cafe 3

DOME Cafe 4

The ultimate fact about DĂ”ME CafĂ© is they serve excellent and tasty food. I was so happy the moment my order came, I ordered Creamy Seafood Linguini and it was so delicious. I’ve tried this dish in so many restaurants, but DĂ”ME CafĂ© has the best taste and quality. It kicked in my mouth so I had to eat it slowly with all of my heart (you know, save the best for last, always!) The seafood were all so fresh and sweet. The shrimps, squids, mussels and scallops all in one plate, poured with tasty/creamy/delicious white sauce. My husband was so happy with his order too, Grilled Chicken in Tumeric Sauce. The sauce was delicious, but he ignored it, the grilled chicken itself was already tasty, no sauce needed.

Beef Steak

We also tried their beef steak in medium rare and spicy olio pasta.

Medium Rare Beef Steak

But sadly, I wasn’t too impressed on how it turned out. It was “barely” medium rare, it’s closer to rare. It was delicious though, but there were parts that weren’t cooked, too much for redness in the middle. Maybe we should try their medium steak next time :p

Spicy Olio Pasta

DĂ”ME’s spicy olio pasta. The moment I ordered, the waitress asked me whether I want it with chicken or beef, I chose chicken.

It was undoubtedly delicious, the chili flakes and firmly cooked pasta are indeed best match. I enjoyed every single bite of it.

Anyway, DĂ”ME isn’t too pricey for the quality. You also check their menu and prices in their website, they often have promotions too! 🙂

DĂ”ME CafĂ© is one of the best restaurants we’ve ever been to, here in Malaysia. They don’t just serve Italian food, they have local delicacies on their menu as well. Whenever you have time to visit Suria KLCC, stop by DĂ”ME CafĂ© for a coffee or tea, highly recommended!

DÔME Café Malaysia
Suria KLCC
Lot 46, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC
+60-3-2166 1948