T.G.I. Friday’s

We all love Friday, don’t we?

Championship BBQ Beef Ribs

My husband and I had a little dinner date at T.G.I. Friday’s for our 10th wedding monthsary last Wednesday. We haven’t found any better restaurant for BBQ & grilled meals other than Friday’s (or maybe we should start looking for something new, lol).  We haven’t tried their pastas yet, but their BBQ & grilled meals are totally satisfying.

Look at that giant platter of Championship BBQ Beef Ribs (RM 59.90). My husband was a little bit surprised when it came, but he finished the whole thing though! (big belly don’t care, lol!) Their salads are also delicious! Caesar salad (RM 19.90; not pictured) with crunchy and fresh lettuce and tasty salad dressings! When you order steaks, make sure it’s medium rare (never above medium) for the tastiest and juiciest meat.

Tennessee Steak

Here’s Friday’s Tennessee Steak! (RM 59.90)

It was delicious, tasty and juicy. The moment I saw it when it came to our table, I stopped calculating how many calories in that beautifully grilled slice of meat. It’s very important to taste your food with all of your heart without even thinking about fats and calories, right? 😀

But one thing made me sad though, their Tennessee Steak isn’t as thick as their Sirloin Steak. It’s true that it’s tastier and the sauce is even more delicious, but I wasn’t really satisfied with a thin cut of meat (lol I know I’m asking too much. Be grateful, you!) For drinks, try their freshly made mojito, pure mango juice or pineapple sunshine!

Overall it was nice to have dinner in Friday’s again, a bit pricey though but totally worth the price. I hope someone could recommend us for more BBQ & Grills Restaurant here in Kuala Lumpur,  that’d be great!

For now, Tony Roma’s is in our next list! Eat up, folks! 🙂

Thinking to have T.G.I. Friday’s for lunch or dinner? Check out their website for promotions and branch locator! 🙂

T.G.I. Friday’s (http://www.fridays.com.my)


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