Komugi Cafe at Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL

Who doesn’t love Bukit Bintang?

Considered as the most fashionable district in Kuala Lumpur, surrounded by malls and fashion stores. It’s indeed my favorite place to hang out and shop. But you know, shopping is tiring, especially when you have to walk under the scorching heat of the sun. I was so exhausted, thirsty and hungry so we decided to visit Pavilion to cool down a bit. We had no idea about this place called “Tokyo Street” on the 6th level of Pavilion when we came for the first time. It’s the only area in Pavilion that has Japanese ambience and culture, they sell Japan goods too! Click here to see the directory and store list in Tokyo Street.

Tokyo Street


It’s totally a cool place to hang out! Not to mention the food (Try also The Hokkaido Ramen Santouka and read the review here), they also sell cheap Japan goods in DAISO Japan, and oh! also Japanese snacks for the win! 🙂

We arrived there on tea time, so we couldn’t eat anything because we were already full! But, I can never say NO to Komugi’s signature Hanjuku Cheese so we went to Komugi Cafe quickly!

Hanjuku Cheese


Get a box of 5 pcs Hanjuku Cheese (assorted flavors) for only RM 19.00! My favorite is the half baked cheese, for sure! The cheese was so soft and very cheesy. If you’re planning for take out, make sure you keep it refrigerated under 4 hours for the best taste and consume within 3 days as advised by Komugi. There are two types of Komugi in Malaysia, the Komugi Cafe and the Komugi Bakery itself, the only difference is you can dine in at Komugi Cafe.



Matcha (Japanese green tea) is my favorite! I just don’t get why others hate it (especially the smell) but for me, it’s the perfect drink! I can survive drinking Matcha every single day in my entire life! (Okay, I’m exaggerating but that’s just how much I love Matcha!)

So here are Komugi’s cold Matcha Cream Latte (RM 13++) and Chocolate Frappe (RM 12.90). The Matcha taste and smell weren’t too strong but it was delicious! It was just right, the whipped cream wasn’t too sweet as well, it was a perfect bundle! My husband ordered the Chocolate Frappe (yes, he orders only three drinks when we go to restaurants. Either mineral water, fresh milk or chocolate drinks!) It was fine for me, maybe because I’m not a big fan of chocolate drink (unless it’s hot chocolate!) but the Matcha Cream Latte was really something! I should’ve just ordered their green tea pudding instead of mango!

Komugi's Mango Pudding


Hello cutie Mango pudding! I forgot how much it was, but it’s not gonna cost you more than RM 6 (Speaking of Japanese pudding with cute packaging, come on!) It was the first time I’ve ever tasted Japanese pudding, it was so smooth but I could barely taste the mango in there, lol! Maybe I’m really “a mango person”, should’ve tried their green tea pudding, ah maybe next time! 🙂

Komugi Cafe is one of the most eye-catchy cafe I’ve ever been to. The colorful cakes, macarons and the smell of freshly baked pastries! It’s very affordable and pocket-friendly, and most importantly, delicious!

If you’re visiting Kuala Lumpur anytime soon, make sure to drop by Komugi Cafe in Pavilion mall. You won’t regret it, I promise!

Komugi Cafe (www.komugi.com.my)

P6.24.1A, Level 6, Tokyo Street | Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang


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