Annyeonghaseyo, Bulgogi Brothers!

Annyeonghaseyo! Who loves Korean BBQ? *raising my both hands* I’ve tried numerous Korean BBQ restaurants in my whole life and to be honest, only a few left good impressions to me. Have you read my post about Ssikkek Korean BBQ Singapore? If you haven’t, feel free to check it out here. If you’re visiting Singapore soon, Ssikkek Korean BBQ is a must! Just a few Singapore dollars for all you can eat Korean BBQ in a nice, comfy, air-conditioned room, but make sure you get there before it opens because the queue is crazy! Anyway, Ssikkek Korean BBQ also has branch here in Malaysia but I couldn’t manage to get there because it’s too far from the place I live *sigh* But no worries! My husband and I have found a place to fulfill our Korean BBQ cravings! *drumrolls* YAY to Bulgogi Brothers! Bulgogi Brothers Bulgogi Brothers is original from Korea, and they also have branches in Malaysia and in The Philippines. I went to the one in Pavilion KL last weekend and I was so happy I had to blog about it. They don’t  just serve Korean BBQ, but also rice, soup and noodles, they also have nice and delicious appetizers like Korean style pancake. Check out they complete menu and price list here. We were famished when we got there so we made our order quickly. One interesting thing about every Korean restaurant is their side dishes! Bulgogi Brothers I am so happy that Bulgogi Brothers serves refillable side dishes (banchan) and they’re surprisingly delicious too! I couldn’t stop taking picture that day, #sorrynotsorry LOL. The moment we finished ordering, the friendly waitress delivered the numerous mouthwatering side dishes (banchan) like Kimchi, Sweet Lotus Root, Mashed Pumpkins, and the yummy greenies (the lettuce is refillable for free too!) The Kimchi was crunchy and delicious, a not-so-ordinary Kimchi. Bulgogi Brothers banchan My favorite is their corn soup! My goodness! I wondered how something so simple could taste so good. It was so yummy, not too much salt and not too much sweet, I could really taste the corn in my tongue. Most importantly, it was so soft! I couldn’t even find any corn pieces yet the corn taste was so rich. By the way, I loved their utensils so much! Just look at that cute spoon! D: Even before our main courses came, we were already satisfied with the side dishes LOL. And oh, if you don’t eat pork or you’re wondering whether it’s HALAL or not, don’t you worry, they don’t serve pork but I have no idea if they have HALAL certification or not, but you can always drop by their branch and pop out the question, their waitresses are so friendly and happy to assist the customers. Anyway, here comes the feast! Bulgogi Brothers Gwangyang-style Bulgogi (MYR 46.90) I wondered how to pronounce this correctly, but hey, who cares? I just pointed my finger at this when ordering and the waitress recommended us to the Bulgogi Brothers Special which is a combination of Unyang (beef patties) and Gwangyang, but I’m on my beach body program, so no thank you! LOL 😀 Another thing about Bulgogi Brothers is their interior. I love every single thing. The nice and clean induction cooker attached to every table, comfy seats, and they’re even playing K-Pop songs and MV, must be a big turn-on for you, K-Pop lovers. Okay moving on, the Gwangyang-style Bulgogi is basically thinly sliced seasoned beef, served with mushroom, sweet potatoes, leeks and onions. I am so happy for the kind assistance of their waitress in helping us to grill the beef, so friendly and patient (no matter how much questions I’ve popped-out, still remained calm and warm LOL) And pssst, as a matter of fact, most of their waitresses are Filipinos! (MABUHAY, PILIPINAS!) Just so you wait until it’s sizzling hot, combined with a special sauce, a little bit of stir here and there and voila! Bulgogi Brothers The lettuce wrap! (I don’t know what they call this in Korean but I saw it in Korean series when I was younger and I’ve loved it ever since) It was my husband first time to try Korean BBQ and he fell in love with it. Especially, when the beef is wrapped in fresh lettuce with a dash of special sauce and kimchi, wrap ’em all and eat all at once. It’s gonna be a big bite, but it’s beyond delicious. The fresh, crunchy lettuce combined with juicy and tasty beef slices with an explosion of special sauce in the core, YUMMY. “It’s so delicious I want to cry,” My husband said. The beef was juicy, tasty and soft (no wonder, it’s very thin!) The mushrooms were cooked perfectly as well! I’ve never tasted grilled mushroom so juicy, it was mostly too dry and a little bit hard to eat, but this! I don’t know what to say anymore! Well, our satisfaction didn’t stop there. We ordered Beef Bibimbap (MYR 29.90) we thought it was just a normal size for one person portion, but well, we were wrong. It was actually bigger than I thought. Bulgogi Brothers The waitress (again, I wish I asked his name! So grateful for his help LOL) mixed it all at once which I thought was a very fun thing to do. He also added the special sauce to give it a little bit of magic LOL. Basically it’s a rice meal topped with beef bulgogi, raw egg yolk, and vegies but it was dead delicious. The beef bulgogi slices were extraordinary thick and tasty. Overall it tasted so rich and delicious. At first I regretted that we ordered only two main courses but then it turned out that I was thankful I didn’t order more LOL, their portion is big and enough for two persons. Bulgogi Brothers gave us an unforgettable Korean BBQ experience, it was extraordinary. A little bit pricey though, but worth the price. We’ll definitely come back for more delicious banchan and tasty beef. Check out their website for more information on promotions, branch locations and menu. Bulgogi Brothers Malaysia | Bulgogi Brothers Philippines |


Tai Lei Loi Kei Signature Pork Chop Bun

Have you ever heard of Pork Chop Bun?

Pork Chop BunMy husband and I went to Hutong (again, I know. It’s one of my favorite spots to eat now!), we circled around and the heavenly smell finally led us to Tai Lei Loi Kei stall.

This is the first time for me to hear and to eat Pork Chop Bun, we don’t have it yet back in my home country, so it’s really something!

Tai Lei Loi Kei is originally from Macau and now they’re invading Malaysia, YAY for more branches!

Pork Chop BunPeek-a-boo!

Tai Lei Loi Kei’s Signature Pork Chop Bun (MYR 13++)

It’s basically deep-fried pork chop in a sweet, crispy bun. I was surprised that it came in such large portion! My husband and I ate lunch already so we decided to just share this yummy-looking dude.

If you’re not a big fan of buns or if you’re looking for something even heavier for lunch, don’t you worry! Tai Lei Loi Kei also serves noodles and rice, and not only pork but also chicken. Visit their Facebook page here.

Pork Chop BunBest served when it’s still burning hot and paired with a cup of cold Macau Milk Tea.

The fried pork chop was tasty and juicy! It tasted a little bit sweet and not too much salty. Together with the sweet bun, oh what a perfect world! I feel so grateful that someone found something so sinfully delicious like this! LOL

I can’t say anything bad against Tai Lei Loi Kei, no I wouldn’t. I worship it already, LOL.

So if you’re in Bukit Bintang now and you need a place to sit and cool down after a long tiring shopping, drop by Tai Lei Loi Kei and try their signature Pork Chop Bun. Might as well let me know about it! 🙂

I’m so much looking forward to visit Tai Lei Loi Kei again in the near future. I wish to try their noodles, it looks so appealing.

Check out Tai Lei Loi Kei’s Facebook page for information about their menu, promotion and branch locations here.

The Duck King, Jakarta Indonesia

Who doesn’t know The Duck King?

The Duck King is a perfect place for family or small group gathering. You can always order for rice meal, dim sum, or even a la carte (I’d recommend this one).

When I was younger, I thought duck tastes the same as chicken since they look similar, but I was wrong. Because of that belief, I ended not eating duck for many years in my life thinking it’d just be the same as chicken unless chicken is a lot cheaper (lol I know I was so innocent!) But then my life changed (drumroll please!)

A friend of mine who eats duck a lot, invited me to The Duck King, and it changed my life (I know it’s too much, but yeah that’s how it feels like!) The Duck King is indeed a perfect place for special occasion, speaking of Chinese New Year lunch or dinner with the whole big family of yours.

Their all-time favorite, of course, their signature Peking Duck.

The Duck King

No more talk, just eat.

This is Duck King’s Black Pepper Peking Duck. I don’t know how much it costed my friend to change my whole thinking about duck, she ended paying for our lunch (Thanks to you, Oos!) But yes, I was grateful that my opinion has finally changed.

When ordering Peking Duck in The Duck King, ask them to separate the crispy skin and roll it in a wrapper like the picture above. It looks like lumpia with duck skin inside it, dip it in their special sauce and let the magic begin!

I honestly had no idea what kind of sauce they use, but boy it was delicious! The sauce was sweet, combined with the tasty, crispy duck skin rolls! My whole life has been a mistake! How come I ignored such delicious thing! So regrettable!

Okay, moving on. Now look at that duck platter!

The moment I put it in my mouth, I was so sorry. Sorry because I’ve been thinking that you, Mr. Duck! has the same taste as chicken! but actually it’s totally different. Now I’m thinking whether my parents have fed me duck when I was a kid but I was so ignorant and called it chicken instead.

This Peking Duck has changed my life. Its thick and tender meat, mixed with tasty black pepper sauce, I was blind for so many years but now I see (*opera song playing as backsound*) I was also told that duck meat is healthier than any other meat and its fats is actually healthier compared to olive oil and butter, seriously?!

Anyway, The Duck King doesn’t only serve duck, they have a list of chinese dishes, complete with the dimsum. It’s indeed the perfect place to go whenever you yearn for duck meat, the only downside for me is the price, it’s too priceyyyy! But worth it indeed!

duck king

Or if you’re eating alone, they also have rice meal, like this one!

So yeah, thinking where to eat for the next Chinese New Year dinner? or even just a small gathering?

Take note of the address!

The Duck King | Summarecon Mall Serpong, Lt. 1, Unit 218, Jl. Bulevar Gading Serpong, Serpong, Indonesia

And also check out their website for more location and promotions update! (


Feeding My Chinese Blood at Dragon View Restaurant, Jalan Alor Malaysia

The busy street, glowing red lanterns, heavenly smell from the street food stalls. Jalan Alor is indeed a place worth visiting if you’re in Malaysia for vacation. Not to mention its strategic location in Bukit Bintang, you can always drop by Jalan Alor for some kopitiam and local street food for cheap price.

I know the title for this post is quite extraordinary but that’s the truth, lol! My husband and I live far far away from Kuala Lumpur, and as an Indonesian with chinese blood, I always miss eating chinese food, I even try my best to learn how to cook chinese food.

I personally love Jalan Alor, it’s the first place we’ll go to whenever we crave for Seafood or Chinese food.

When you get to Jalan Alor, you can easily spot Dragon View Restaurant just nearby the road. This restaurant is the biggest (I think) in Jalan Alor. I can tell it’s Dragon View whenever I see their orange tablecloths outside and inside the place.

The restaurant itself is quite busy but they’ll never run out of waitresses to serve you. There’s one old grandpa who works there, he’s very kind and patient, no matter how many questions you throw him, he’ll answer you patiently. You can also watch their busy kitchen when you’re done ordering your food, they also have live seafood but it’s kind of pricey for kopitiam.

Dragon View Restaurant


Here’s a bowl of warm Bak Kut Teh, butter prawns and garlic kailan (when dining in a restaurant, a plate of fresh veggie is a must!)

The kind Grandpa recommended the butter prawns to us, we wanted to try their steamed fish but it was too pricey for a plate (speaking of kopitiam!) The price of the meals we ordered above is more or less MYR 25++ per plate. Might be a little bit pricey but it was delicious and it’s worth the price.

Dragon View Restaurant

I’d personally recommend you to order Butter Prawns, Special Braised Pork Ribs, and the fried squid. I wanna apologize for the picture above, we were too excited to eat and I forgot to take a first snap, lol.

The Pork Ribs deserves my thumbs up! The meat was so soft and the sauce was tasty. It came in a large portion and it was enough for the four of us. The squid may look simple and ordinary, but it was actually the all-time favorite (Oh yeah, as you can see in the picture, it was the first plate that’s gone fast!) It came with a special sauce (like garlic/chili sauce) that tasted salty yet sweet, just right. The Bak Kut Teh though, we didn’t finish the whole bowl. The meat wasn’t that soft and the soup was a little bit bitter. Maybe my husband and I are used to the sweet-tasting Bak Kut Teh already, when it comes to too much herbal in the soup, we both decided it wasn’t the best. But overall, it was delicious! I invited my Indonesian friends and she said she’d like to go back someday! 🙂

When visiting Dragon View Restaurant expect to spend MYR 30++ per person. They also accept both debit and credit card (speaking of convenience!)

They don’t have website for you to check their menu, but hey! You can always drop by and check out their menu on the spot! 🙂


Dragon View Restaurant | Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang, 50200 – 03-2142 4111


A Sweet Evening at NINOTCHKA

I’ve always been a big fan of Vintage CafĂ© ever since.

One day, one of my favorite bloggers, Sonia Eryka from The Riotous Belle posted a picture of a very eye-catching dessert from Ninotchka on her Instagram. That’s how I found this pretty little cafĂ©.

It’s not so hard to find Ninotchka, especially if you’re from Jakarta. My friends and I decided to pay a visit on a very hot summer day, it was a perfect time for cold drinks and sweet treats.

NinotchkaOne thing about this cafĂ© is… it’s too pretty!

I’ve fallen in love with every single vintage detail in it. They also have interesting sale and promo, follow Ninotchka on Instagram (@NINOTCHKA_JKT) for updates! 🙂


The pretty balls and hanging leaves 🙂


Ninotchka’s all-time favorite, Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce (IDR 34,000)

See that yummy platter? Yes, I finished the whole thing.

The mushroom sauce was very creamy and delicious, I’m just glad that it didn’t come in petitĂ© portion (I have a big belly, haha!) The grilled chicken was tender and tasty, so much for only IDR 34K! Where else can you get something so creamy and tasty with such affordable price??


The highlight of this post: A yummy cup of green tea frappe and a couple of Vanilla macarons.

I’m glad that I ordered cold green tea frappe, it cooled down the heat inside my head (thanks, summer!) I didn’t try their signature hot chocolate because it was too hot that day, maybe next time!

The green tea frappe was really kicking inside my mouth, it wasn’t too sweet, creamy and the taste of the green tea was just right.

Now look at those cuties! Say hello to the cutest Vanilla macarons! I wanted to order for more flavors but unfortunately it wasn’t available that day 😩

Nevertheless, I fell in love already with these two!

So much for lunch and tea time yet it didn’t cost us too much.

Ninotchka is one of the prettiest cafĂ© I’ve ever been to in Jakarta yet very pocket-friendly. Totally perfect for you students who love to hang out after school!

Check out their website for information about their menu, location and promotions:

Also, don’t forget to follow them on Instagram (@NINOTCHKA_JKT) Twitter (@NINOTCHKA_JKT) and Facebook: Ninotchka Coffee Parlour & Diner

Ninotchka Coffee Parlour & Diner

Sweet Tooth Cravings Fulfillment – Magnum CafĂ© Indonesia

You sure are familiar with Magnum ice cream, right?

You know, the extraordinary looking ice cream even from the packaging itself, the thick Belgian Chocolate and the sweet, yummy ice cream that melts in your mouth. It feels like a torture imagining how delicious Magnum ice cream tastes in this scorching heat of summer *somebody please buy me Magnum*

Magnum keeps inventing new flavors, from classic, gold, chocolate & strawberry, chocolate brownie, chocolate truffle, almond and so on. But have you  heard of Magnum Café?

Magnum Café

Yes, it exists. Not only in my head, but in reality.

It’s no ordinary cafĂ©. The moment my friends and I arrived, we were welcomed with a super long queue. No wonder, no one can reject the heavenly smell of chocolate even from miles away, for sure *exaggerating*

But yeah, seriously, who doesn’t love chocolate?

Magnum Café

Surprisingly, they don’t just sell ice-cream, folks!

Their desserts are indeed to die for. Not only the presentation is perfect, they taste delicious too. Oh my goodness, I’m wondering if they have a bunch of fairy godmothers working for them secretly! It tastes like magic!






Look at those beautiful desserts. I was saddened that I had to lay my hands on them, I actually wished I could keep them forever. *cries* but then *eat happily*

It was sweet, of course, the Magnum ice cream isn’t the usual ones you can get in the supermarket or somewhere in the street, it’s totally different. After I visited Magnum CafĂ©, I had to visit the gym right after to burn everything! Die you sugaaaaarrrr!

Magnum Caesar Salad

Magnum Sunshine Dory

You might also wanna try having lunch before ordering your dessert. Here’s Caesar Salad and Sunshine Dory (I know, so much cuteness for a meal) Their Caesar Salad is good, but I hope next time they’ll cut the lettuces into smaller cuts so it won’t be a hassle for customers to eat *I looked like a cow when I tried to put it inside my mouth MOOOO*

The Sunshine Dory is basically cream dory breaded with flour then deep-fried and topped with orange sauce. Surprisingly, it tasted delicious! When visiting Magnum Café expect to spend IDR 50,000++ for dessert and more on food.

Magnum Hot Chocolate

Now to close this thread! Meet this yummy lady from Magnum Café, the creamiest hot chocolate!

I don’t even remember what was the last time I had a good hot chocolate, it’s been awhile. But this! It really “hit the spot” so creamy, not too sweet, tasted just right.

So folks, if you’re tired after hours of shopping in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, rush to the West Mall, 6th floor and pick your favorite dessert at The Magnum CafĂ©. Check out their official website here.

And oh, if you’re from The Philippines, don’t you worry! Magnum CafĂ© is opening soon in SM Aura on 8th April 2014. Yaaay!

The New Magnum CafĂ© | Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, West Mall, 6th floor, Jl. MH. Thamrin No.1, Jakarta – Indonesia