Sweet Tooth Cravings Fulfillment – Magnum Café Indonesia

You sure are familiar with Magnum ice cream, right?

You know, the extraordinary looking ice cream even from the packaging itself, the thick Belgian Chocolate and the sweet, yummy ice cream that melts in your mouth. It feels like a torture imagining how delicious Magnum ice cream tastes in this scorching heat of summer *somebody please buy me Magnum*

Magnum keeps inventing new flavors, from classic, gold, chocolate & strawberry, chocolate brownie, chocolate truffle, almond and so on. But have you  heard of Magnum Café?

Magnum Café

Yes, it exists. Not only in my head, but in reality.

It’s no ordinary café. The moment my friends and I arrived, we were welcomed with a super long queue. No wonder, no one can reject the heavenly smell of chocolate even from miles away, for sure *exaggerating*

But yeah, seriously, who doesn’t love chocolate?

Magnum Café

Surprisingly, they don’t just sell ice-cream, folks!

Their desserts are indeed to die for. Not only the presentation is perfect, they taste delicious too. Oh my goodness, I’m wondering if they have a bunch of fairy godmothers working for them secretly! It tastes like magic!






Look at those beautiful desserts. I was saddened that I had to lay my hands on them, I actually wished I could keep them forever. *cries* but then *eat happily*

It was sweet, of course, the Magnum ice cream isn’t the usual ones you can get in the supermarket or somewhere in the street, it’s totally different. After I visited Magnum Café, I had to visit the gym right after to burn everything! Die you sugaaaaarrrr!

Magnum Caesar Salad

Magnum Sunshine Dory

You might also wanna try having lunch before ordering your dessert. Here’s Caesar Salad and Sunshine Dory (I know, so much cuteness for a meal) Their Caesar Salad is good, but I hope next time they’ll cut the lettuces into smaller cuts so it won’t be a hassle for customers to eat *I looked like a cow when I tried to put it inside my mouth MOOOO*

The Sunshine Dory is basically cream dory breaded with flour then deep-fried and topped with orange sauce. Surprisingly, it tasted delicious! When visiting Magnum Café expect to spend IDR 50,000++ for dessert and more on food.

Magnum Hot Chocolate

Now to close this thread! Meet this yummy lady from Magnum Café, the creamiest hot chocolate!

I don’t even remember what was the last time I had a good hot chocolate, it’s been awhile. But this! It really “hit the spot” so creamy, not too sweet, tasted just right.

So folks, if you’re tired after hours of shopping in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, rush to the West Mall, 6th floor and pick your favorite dessert at The Magnum Café. Check out their official website here.

And oh, if you’re from The Philippines, don’t you worry! Magnum Café is opening soon in SM Aura on 8th April 2014. Yaaay!

The New Magnum Café | Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, West Mall, 6th floor, Jl. MH. Thamrin No.1, Jakarta – Indonesia



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