A Sweet Evening at NINOTCHKA

I’ve always been a big fan of Vintage Café ever since.

One day, one of my favorite bloggers, Sonia Eryka from The Riotous Belle posted a picture of a very eye-catching dessert from Ninotchka on her Instagram. That’s how I found this pretty little café.

It’s not so hard to find Ninotchka, especially if you’re from Jakarta. My friends and I decided to pay a visit on a very hot summer day, it was a perfect time for cold drinks and sweet treats.

NinotchkaOne thing about this café is… it’s too pretty!

I’ve fallen in love with every single vintage detail in it. They also have interesting sale and promo, follow Ninotchka on Instagram (@NINOTCHKA_JKT) for updates! 🙂


The pretty balls and hanging leaves 🙂


Ninotchka’s all-time favorite, Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce (IDR 34,000)

See that yummy platter? Yes, I finished the whole thing.

The mushroom sauce was very creamy and delicious, I’m just glad that it didn’t come in petité portion (I have a big belly, haha!) The grilled chicken was tender and tasty, so much for only IDR 34K! Where else can you get something so creamy and tasty with such affordable price??


The highlight of this post: A yummy cup of green tea frappe and a couple of Vanilla macarons.

I’m glad that I ordered cold green tea frappe, it cooled down the heat inside my head (thanks, summer!) I didn’t try their signature hot chocolate because it was too hot that day, maybe next time!

The green tea frappe was really kicking inside my mouth, it wasn’t too sweet, creamy and the taste of the green tea was just right.

Now look at those cuties! Say hello to the cutest Vanilla macarons! I wanted to order for more flavors but unfortunately it wasn’t available that day 😦

Nevertheless, I fell in love already with these two!

So much for lunch and tea time yet it didn’t cost us too much.

Ninotchka is one of the prettiest café I’ve ever been to in Jakarta yet very pocket-friendly. Totally perfect for you students who love to hang out after school!

Check out their website for information about their menu, location and promotions: ninotchkacafe.blogspot.com

Also, don’t forget to follow them on Instagram (@NINOTCHKA_JKT) Twitter (@NINOTCHKA_JKT) and Facebook: Ninotchka Coffee Parlour & Diner

Ninotchka Coffee Parlour & Diner


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