Feeding My Chinese Blood at Dragon View Restaurant, Jalan Alor Malaysia

The busy street, glowing red lanterns, heavenly smell from the street food stalls. Jalan Alor is indeed a place worth visiting if you’re in Malaysia for vacation. Not to mention its strategic location in Bukit Bintang, you can always drop by Jalan Alor for some kopitiam and local street food for cheap price.

I know the title for this post is quite extraordinary but that’s the truth, lol! My husband and I live far far away from Kuala Lumpur, and as an Indonesian with chinese blood, I always miss eating chinese food, I even try my best to learn how to cook chinese food.

I personally love Jalan Alor, it’s the first place we’ll go to whenever we crave for Seafood or Chinese food.

When you get to Jalan Alor, you can easily spot Dragon View Restaurant just nearby the road. This restaurant is the biggest (I think) in Jalan Alor. I can tell it’s Dragon View whenever I see their orange tablecloths outside and inside the place.

The restaurant itself is quite busy but they’ll never run out of waitresses to serve you. There’s one old grandpa who works there, he’s very kind and patient, no matter how many questions you throw him, he’ll answer you patiently. You can also watch their busy kitchen when you’re done ordering your food, they also have live seafood but it’s kind of pricey for kopitiam.

Dragon View Restaurant


Here’s a bowl of warm Bak Kut Teh, butter prawns and garlic kailan (when dining in a restaurant, a plate of fresh veggie is a must!)

The kind Grandpa recommended the butter prawns to us, we wanted to try their steamed fish but it was too pricey for a plate (speaking of kopitiam!) The price of the meals we ordered above is more or less MYR 25++ per plate. Might be a little bit pricey but it was delicious and it’s worth the price.

Dragon View Restaurant

I’d personally recommend you to order Butter Prawns, Special Braised Pork Ribs, and the fried squid. I wanna apologize for the picture above, we were too excited to eat and I forgot to take a first snap, lol.

The Pork Ribs deserves my thumbs up! The meat was so soft and the sauce was tasty. It came in a large portion and it was enough for the four of us. The squid may look simple and ordinary, but it was actually the all-time favorite (Oh yeah, as you can see in the picture, it was the first plate that’s gone fast!) It came with a special sauce (like garlic/chili sauce) that tasted salty yet sweet, just right. The Bak Kut Teh though, we didn’t finish the whole bowl. The meat wasn’t that soft and the soup was a little bit bitter. Maybe my husband and I are used to the sweet-tasting Bak Kut Teh already, when it comes to too much herbal in the soup, we both decided it wasn’t the best. But overall, it was delicious! I invited my Indonesian friends and she said she’d like to go back someday! 🙂

When visiting Dragon View Restaurant expect to spend MYR 30++ per person. They also accept both debit and credit card (speaking of convenience!)

They don’t have website for you to check their menu, but hey! You can always drop by and check out their menu on the spot! 🙂


Dragon View Restaurant | Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang, 50200 – 03-2142 4111



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