The Duck King, Jakarta Indonesia

Who doesn’t know The Duck King?

The Duck King is a perfect place for family or small group gathering. You can always order for rice meal, dim sum, or even a la carte (I’d recommend this one).

When I was younger, I thought duck tastes the same as chicken since they look similar, but I was wrong. Because of that belief, I ended not eating duck for many years in my life thinking it’d just be the same as chicken unless chicken is a lot cheaper (lol I know I was so innocent!) But then my life changed (drumroll please!)

A friend of mine who eats duck a lot, invited me to The Duck King, and it changed my life (I know it’s too much, but yeah that’s how it feels like!) The Duck King is indeed a perfect place for special occasion, speaking of Chinese New Year lunch or dinner with the whole big family of yours.

Their all-time favorite, of course, their signature Peking Duck.

The Duck King

No more talk, just eat.

This is Duck King’s Black Pepper Peking Duck. I don’t know how much it costed my friend to change my whole thinking about duck, she ended paying for our lunch (Thanks to you, Oos!) But yes, I was grateful that my opinion has finally changed.

When ordering Peking Duck in The Duck King, ask them to separate the crispy skin and roll it in a wrapper like the picture above. It looks like lumpia with duck skin inside it, dip it in their special sauce and let the magic begin!

I honestly had no idea what kind of sauce they use, but boy it was delicious! The sauce was sweet, combined with the tasty, crispy duck skin rolls! My whole life has been a mistake! How come I ignored such delicious thing! So regrettable!

Okay, moving on. Now look at that duck platter!

The moment I put it in my mouth, I was so sorry. Sorry because I’ve been thinking that you, Mr. Duck! has the same taste as chicken! but actually it’s totally different. Now I’m thinking whether my parents have fed me duck when I was a kid but I was so ignorant and called it chicken instead.

This Peking Duck has changed my life. Its thick and tender meat, mixed with tasty black pepper sauce, I was blind for so many years but now I see (*opera song playing as backsound*) I was also told that duck meat is healthier than any other meat and its fats is actually healthier compared to olive oil and butter, seriously?!

Anyway, The Duck King doesn’t only serve duck, they have a list of chinese dishes, complete with the dimsum. It’s indeed the perfect place to go whenever you yearn for duck meat, the only downside for me is the price, it’s too priceyyyy! But worth it indeed!

duck king

Or if you’re eating alone, they also have rice meal, like this one!

So yeah, thinking where to eat for the next Chinese New Year dinner? or even just a small gathering?

Take note of the address!

The Duck King | Summarecon Mall Serpong, Lt. 1, Unit 218, Jl. Bulevar Gading Serpong, Serpong, Indonesia

And also check out their website for more location and promotions update! (



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