Marutama Ra-Men

I believe you’ve heard Marutama Ra-Men before, haven’t you?

My husband and I were craving for ramen recently and we finally came to the stage of moving out of our comfort zone and decided to try something new. There are lots of ramen restaurants out there and we basically just stick with Ippudo this whole time (it’s simply because it’s irreplaceable, well, for us) But then we bumped into Marutama Ra-Men at Avenue K last weekend and we decided to give it a try.

It was quite a surprise reading their menu, I found out that they use Toripaitan (chicken broth) for all of their ramen dish. I’ve never tried that before, kind of missing Ippudo’s rich tonkotsu (pork broth) soup though, but this time I have to give it a try anyway. I ordered Charsiew Tamago Ramen (MYR 28) for my husband (he’s always clueless when it comes to make an order in a restaurant, so I have the full authority over it LOL) and picked Karashi Ramen (MYR 22)  for myself. I asked them to make it spicy and so it was when it came, but surprisingly, both of our ramen were spicy (My husband’s ramen supposed to be the original non-spicy, but I think they’ve misunderstood our order).

Chasiu Ramen
Charsiew Tamago Ramen

Anyway, I liked it but not as much as I love Ippudo.

The soup made a significant difference between Marutama which uses chicken (toripaitan) and Ippudo/Santouka which uses pork (tonkotsu). Aside from the soup, Marutama uses loads of green onions and seaweed, they also provide fried chopped garlic on every table in case you’re a garlic lover. The tamago (half boiled seasoned egg) was really something. It looks firm from the outside, but actually very soft in the inside. As mentioned, half-boiled, so good.

The highlight of this dish is the charsiew slices. It’s heavenly delicious, I don’t know how they did it and I don’t wan’t to know how LOL, what I care about is the melt-in-your mouth roast pork slices, it just made my day. I believe their charsiew has been marinated in some sort of special sauce. I could really feel the aroma, it smelled so good and tasted beyond delicious.

Karashi Ramen
Karashi Ramen

The charsiew slices were really something. I didn’t finish the whole bowl though, both of us didn’t. I think chicken broth soup isn’t really my thing. Anyway, for side dish, try their yaki gyoza. Dip it in the sauce and eat it while hot. For drink, I always stick with cold green tea to flush away the strong taste in my tongue, always a good choice.

Overall, it was a good experience. It feels good to try something new, as always.

Check out their website for more information on menu, location and ongoing promotions here.

Try it yourself and tell me what you think! 🙂



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