A.B.C — Acme Bar & Coffee, The Troika

Hello, awesome people!

It’s been a while since my last post here, I was out of the country for vacation and I had a blast! I hope you did too.

Anyway, here’s a post that I’ve been wanting to write since a looooong time ago. I finally had a chance to make this come true, at last! LOL

Acme Bar & Coffee

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Acme Bar & Coffee. A few fellow instagrammers recommended me this place and reading their reviews seemed like A.B.C is a very satisfying place and it was worth a shot.

Acme Bar & Coffee

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Acme Bar & Coffee looks like a hidden glass house behind the greeneries.

It wasn’t so obvious from the outside, but once we got inside, the whole room was full of clanking noise and chatters. The bar seemed busy like they needed a hand, even the waitresses. One thing that really caught my attention is their interior design. It was beautifully placed, like everything has been measured perfectly. I didn’t have a chance to take a quick shot, but you can find it easily by googling Acme Bar & Coffee or simply searching it on Instagram.

Acme Bar & Coffee

It was a Saturday morning and the sun was hiding behind thick clouds. The receptionist told us that the whole indoor has been booked until 5 p.m. that day and only outdoor area was vacant. Well, lesson learnt, reserve first next time! The outdoor area was fine though, I was thankful that no one smoked around me that day and the sun was being friendly, but it didn’t last long. A few moments after the sun was shining right above our heads and it was very hot so we had to move to another table. Just one quick TIP for you guys: Make sure you reserve a seat one or two days in advance because it was full house once we got there.

Acme Bar & Coffee

Okay, moving on. What I like about Acme Bar & Coffee is that their price range isn’t as crazy expensive as other restaurants in KLCC area yet the food is heavenly delicious. It’s all kind of too fancy for its price, I remember having dinner with my husband at one restaurant in KLCC. Super expensive yet not very satisfying! Anyway, here’s Aloha Pizzadillas, Smoked Duck Breast Pasta, and Ala Moana Salmon Fillet.

Acme Bar & Coffee

Aloha Pizzadillas (MYR 33)

Perfect combination of crunchy pizza dough, smoked turkey breast, pineapple tidbits, onion and fresh capsicum on herbs cream sauce and mozarella cheese. It tasted like summer, except without the scent of the ocean and toes in the sand. Perfect choice for sharing with 2-4 people, chit chat over the small bites.

Acme Bar & Coffee

Smoked Duck Breast Pasta (MYR 35)

The smoked duck breast slices was tender and tasty, perfectly combined with the mushroom and creamy carbonara sauce. My husband has a habit he’s trying to break currently, it’s not a bad habit though, it’s just a habit of keep ordering spaghetti carbonara wherever we dine out. LOL

Acme Bar & Coffee

Ala Moana Salmon Fillet (MYR 39)

It may look simple, but this dish is the real kick in the mouth! The salmon fillet has been marinated and topped with Japanese sauce with cherry tomatoes and crushed potatoes. This is the first time I’ve ever tasted such a sweet and fresh tasting sauce. I hereby announce that I have found the love of my life!

Acme Bar & Coffee

Hot Cappuccino (MYR 13) Fresh from the bar!

Never let a day pass without a decent cup of coffee. They didn’t name Acme Bar & Coffee for nothing, indeed they have satisfying and decent coffee, you can easily tell once you step in their place!

Acme Bar & Coffee

Last but not least, Signature Cempedak Cake (MYR 15)

I love cempedak fruit so much, and I’ve never seen any food/dessert made with cempedak, but they did! They made it from scratch and it was oh-so heavenly delicious! It wasn’t too sweet, it tasted just right. They also have Jack Fruit Cake, better try it next time!

Acme Bar & Coffee is a perfect place for all occasions. Brunch, lunch, tea time, dinner, you name it. Their service was excellent as well, the food is all made from scratch (meaning fresh from the stove/oven without heating it up using the microwave) with fresh ingredients. Their waitresses are so kind, friendly and passionate. If you’re visiting A.B.C soon, find Saiful, he was so helpful and friendly when we were there. We had to move table and he helped us patiently and even apologized for the scorching heat that caused such inconvenience to us, such a good guy.

Well, guys, still looking for a place to hang out this weekend? Why don’t you give them a call and reserve your seats before it’s full-booked?

Check out their website for location, menu and promotional info here.

Another TIP for you: If you’re commuting, take the Kelana Jaya LRT and stop at Ampang Park. It’s just a walking distance from the station. Turn left once you see Citibank and keep walking straight until you spot Troika at the right side of the road. Good luck! 🙂