Morganfield’s—Home of Sticky Bones @ eCurve

It has been a while since my last post! I was quite busy with work and also preparation for our little one (yes! We are pregnant!) It feels good to be back!

In 19 weeks of my pregnancy, there’s only one food that I’ve been craving for: MEAT! I crave for BBQ ribs and steak all the time, I can’t even eat vegetables anymore. Pregnancy hormones and food aversion so they call it :p

After feeding myself with ribs from Tony Roma’s, Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf, Dave’s Bistro Bar & Grill and T.G.I. Friday’s, I finally had the chance to give Morganfield’s a try.

They didn’t call themselves “Home of Sticky Bones” for nothing.

We arrived around 30 minutes before dinner time, and yet this eCurve branch was packed with guests already so the only available seat was outdoor, lesson learned! Better reserve first next time.

Anyway, we quickly made our order and picked their newest menu: Waikiki BBQ pork ribs and Pork Shoulder Chop. Morganfield’s is famous with their signature Sticky Bones, so if you drop by just make sure you don’t miss their BBQ ribs.

I’m just glad I didn’t order for full slab ribs! The portion is huge! We even got some for take out ’cause it was impossible for us to eat ’em all. I also noticed some of the guests near us were shocked as well once the BBQ ribs arrived. You know, that look on your face that says “OH MY, THERE’S NO WAY I CAN FINISH THIS.” lol

Waikiki BBQ 1/2 ribs (RM 49.90)

The Waikiki BBQ ribs comes with a cup of coleslaw and few onion rings. It was juicy and tasty, the sauce was tangy sweet, with a smoky taste from the BBQ. The meat was tender yet not overcooked and the edges were crispy. Everything was freshly cooked, juicy and delicious. I’m intrigued to try their other signature sticky bones though, maybe next time.

Comparing Morganfield’s Sticky Bones to the BBQ restaurants I mentioned above: If I have to choose, I’d pick Morganfield’s as the top. Tony Roma’s ribs wasn’t disappointing, it was delicious indeed. But Morganfield’s sticky bones is juicier and tastier. I wonder why, perhaps there’s a difference between pork and beef ribs. Besides, Morganfield’s has bigger portions and yet more affordable compared to Tony Roma’s.

Pork Shoulder Chop (RM 36.90)

Don’t get tricked by this picture, the pork shoulder chop is actually big and thick, enough to make me faint in just a couple of bites. LOL. It was delicious, creamy and tasty, but I find it too creamy for my liking. Hubby liked it a lot though, as he’s a fan of anything creamy (That explains his big belly and muffin tops LOL)

Morganfield’s doesn’t just serve pork, but they also have lamb, chicken, seafood and beef. They also have burgers and tacos (no pasta, though), if you don’t feel like eating steak or BBQ ribs. Their menu is filled with everything delicious, click here for Morganfield’s complete menu. They have few branches all over Malaysia, Singapore, and China. Coming soon in The Philippines! Scroll down for Morganfield’s branches in Malaysia.

In conclusion, Morganfield’s Sticky Bones are to die for. I’ll be back for more!


Morganfield’s official website:


Morganfield’s Pavilion KL: C4.03.00, Level 4 / T: +603 2141 3192

Morganfield’s Publika: Lot 26, Ground 3 / T: +603 6211 9958

Morganfield’s eCurve: G 25, Ground Floor / T: +603 7722 2414

Morganfield’s IOI City Mall: GE-6, Ground Floor / T: +603 8213 6244

Morganfield’s Empire Shopping Gallery: Lot GK-09, Ground Floor / T: +603 5612 1813


P.S. During our visit to Morganfield’s eCurve branch, a server who’s actually a fellow Filipino was very helpful and friendly. We had to move seat ’cause I couldn’t stand the smoke from the nearby tables, yet he assisted us patiently and answered every question about the menu happily. His name is Joker, yes, Joker the villain in movie “The Dark Knight”. A very friendly and happy fella! 🙂