Bali Foodcation: What to eat in Bali

Gosh, it’s been ages since I last updated this page! *ashamed*

Well, that’s what happens when you have a baby who keeps you busy all day! I have soooo many places I want to write about, but I’ll just keep them on the list.

For now, I’m excited to share about where to eat in Bali!

As you know, Bali is one of the most popular holiday destinations, especially during summer. Lucky me, I grew up in Indonesia and my parents have brought me to Bali for vacation many times when I was younger. We traveled by land, my Dad drove all the way from Jakarta to Bali which took us a few days. It’s tiring of course, but we had a chance to visit other interesting places along the way, too! Road-tripping to Bali was like a norm every holiday back then, that was before they invented low-cost airlines.

Anyway, I was in Bali last weekend to attend my best friend’s wedding. We had a chance to explore Bali—thanks to my love here, Priska and JP for making it all possible—We went to feed ourselves, shopped and of course, chilled at the beach.

The weather was just perfect!

All right, enough with the chit chat. Here’s where you should go to eat in Bali:


High tea in Bali? Why not?

If you’re a big fan of high tea, make sure you drop by! Their cakes are to die for! Not to mention, the pretty interiors which are perfect to flood your instagram feeds!

Expect to pay approx. 100,000 – 200,000 IDR per person.

Chiringuito Bar, Seminyak

Ah, perfect place to chill while listening to the waves. Of course, it can be even more perfect with a refreshing drinks and a snack to munch on.

Sip your fresh coconut water and munch on the pizza while watching the sun goes down. They also have live music and it’s not as crowded as other bars, which I like about this place.

The view from Chiringuito Bar
The amazing view from Chiringuito Bar

Expect to pay approx. 50,000 – 100,000 IDR per person.


We went here for one reason and one reason only, crispy pork.

Gosh, writing about it right now makes me crave for it all over again. Someone please take me back to Bali!

Need I say more?

The pork was so crispy and tasty. It went very well together with the sauce, which I’m not sure what kind of sauce it is, but I’m quite certain that it’s their own recipe!

Expect to pay approx. 100,000 – 200,000 IDR per person.

Nasi Babi Guling Bu Dayu

Suckling pig, anyone?

When in Bali, babi guling or suckling pig is a must! We didn’t go for dine in, as little one was sleeping and Bali has drained all her energy. It was also crazy crowded at the time, so we just parked and decided to go for take out.

It did not disappoint! It may not look appetizing in this picture, but don’t judge the food by its look!

Just a little bit of warning though, if you can’t or don’t eat spicy food, this one might be a little hot for you.

Nasi Ayam Bu Oki

Nasi ayam means chicken rice, but this chicken rice is not the usual chicken rice we have in Malaysia and Singapore.

This small eatery is located on the side of the road and it’s so crazy crowded! Good thing we were able to get a table when we arrived.

It took only a few minutes for the food to arrive, they’re pretty fast actually.

Okay, now I’m craving for it again!

Again, it can be too spicy for you to handle if you don’t normally eat spicy food. But no worries! You can order for the non-spicy one, but according to my hubby who doesn’t eat spicy food, the non-spicy was still a little bit spicy, although manageable.

Expect to pay approx. 30,000 – 50,000 IDR per person.

Intan Sari, Jimbaran Seafood

Seafood by the beach? Yes please!

How can you not have seafood when you’re at the beach? It’s a must!

This place is one among many other seafood restaurants in the area. Some restaurants may disappoint, so you better be careful and don’t eat crappy seafood and then end up having stomachache. My friend’s sister lives in Bali, and she’s an amazing tour guide. According to her, this restaurant is one of the best in the area so we just got to try.

They will ask you to order before entering the restaurant, as you can choose your fish, prawns, squids or anything you want, and ask them to grill, fry or whatever you like.

Their seafood is so fresh! You can see it when ordering, fresh seafood means delicious seafood.

When you order seafood, rice with veggies (sautéed kangkong) and soup are already included.

Take a seat or walk along the beach while your delicious seafood is cooking.

Expect to pay approx. 100,000 – 200,000 IDR per person.

Chicken Run

Yessss, roasted chicken!

When we arrived, my friend JP was greeted by another customer who seemed very satisfied with the food as he said, “Oh my God, the chicken here is so good, I’m gonna eat it everyday.”

When someone says something like that to you, you know you just gotta eat it too.

Too bad I didn’t take a picture, but believe me, this is worth a try. The roasted chicken was soooo juicy! Don’t forget to ask the guy for some gravy fresh from the oven! And when I say gravy, it means the delicious juice that drips from the chicken while it’s roasting in the oven. Dip the chicken in it or just pour it all over the chicken, voilĂ ! Best dinner ever!

Expect to pay approx. 70,000 – 200,000 IDR per person.

Gusto Gelato

Of course, we just had to eat ice cream in this crazy heat! It was sooo hot that day and a cup of gelato was just perfect.


The amazing view from Chiringuito Bar

First, go to the cashier to place your order. Second, give your receipt to the ice cream ladies in the gelato counter then pick the flavors you like and you’re good to go!

Just one quick recommendation, the mascarpone and rum raisins are to die for! The rum flavor is strong, though, I could only eat a spoonful as I’m breastfeeding, I don’t want my little one to go tipsy later on LOL. So be advised before you dig in!

Expect to pay approx. 30,000 – 50,000 IDR per person.

All right, that’s the end of the list, folks. If you think finding these places in Bali might be hard, try using Waze on your iPhone. I recommend renting a car or motorbike as it would be expensive to go around Bali with a taxi. Also take note that parking can be horrendous and expensive in some areas in Bali. Enjoy the sun!


The Duck King, Jakarta Indonesia

Who doesn’t know The Duck King?

The Duck King is a perfect place for family or small group gathering. You can always order for rice meal, dim sum, or even a la carte (I’d recommend this one).

When I was younger, I thought duck tastes the same as chicken since they look similar, but I was wrong. Because of that belief, I ended not eating duck for many years in my life thinking it’d just be the same as chicken unless chicken is a lot cheaper (lol I know I was so innocent!) But then my life changed (drumroll please!)

A friend of mine who eats duck a lot, invited me to The Duck King, and it changed my life (I know it’s too much, but yeah that’s how it feels like!) The Duck King is indeed a perfect place for special occasion, speaking of Chinese New Year lunch or dinner with the whole big family of yours.

Their all-time favorite, of course, their signature Peking Duck.

The Duck King

No more talk, just eat.

This is Duck King’s Black Pepper Peking Duck. I don’t know how much it costed my friend to change my whole thinking about duck, she ended paying for our lunch (Thanks to you, Oos!) But yes, I was grateful that my opinion has finally changed.

When ordering Peking Duck in The Duck King, ask them to separate the crispy skin and roll it in a wrapper like the picture above. It looks like lumpia with duck skin inside it, dip it in their special sauce and let the magic begin!

I honestly had no idea what kind of sauce they use, but boy it was delicious! The sauce was sweet, combined with the tasty, crispy duck skin rolls! My whole life has been a mistake! How come I ignored such delicious thing! So regrettable!

Okay, moving on. Now look at that duck platter!

The moment I put it in my mouth, I was so sorry. Sorry because I’ve been thinking that you, Mr. Duck! has the same taste as chicken! but actually it’s totally different. Now I’m thinking whether my parents have fed me duck when I was a kid but I was so ignorant and called it chicken instead.

This Peking Duck has changed my life. Its thick and tender meat, mixed with tasty black pepper sauce, I was blind for so many years but now I see (*opera song playing as backsound*) I was also told that duck meat is healthier than any other meat and its fats is actually healthier compared to olive oil and butter, seriously?!

Anyway, The Duck King doesn’t only serve duck, they have a list of chinese dishes, complete with the dimsum. It’s indeed the perfect place to go whenever you yearn for duck meat, the only downside for me is the price, it’s too priceyyyy! But worth it indeed!

duck king

Or if you’re eating alone, they also have rice meal, like this one!

So yeah, thinking where to eat for the next Chinese New Year dinner? or even just a small gathering?

Take note of the address!

The Duck King | Summarecon Mall Serpong, Lt. 1, Unit 218, Jl. Bulevar Gading Serpong, Serpong, Indonesia

And also check out their website for more location and promotions update! (


A Sweet Evening at NINOTCHKA

I’ve always been a big fan of Vintage CafĂ© ever since.

One day, one of my favorite bloggers, Sonia Eryka from The Riotous Belle posted a picture of a very eye-catching dessert from Ninotchka on her Instagram. That’s how I found this pretty little cafĂ©.

It’s not so hard to find Ninotchka, especially if you’re from Jakarta. My friends and I decided to pay a visit on a very hot summer day, it was a perfect time for cold drinks and sweet treats.

NinotchkaOne thing about this cafĂ© is… it’s too pretty!

I’ve fallen in love with every single vintage detail in it. They also have interesting sale and promo, follow Ninotchka on Instagram (@NINOTCHKA_JKT) for updates! 🙂


The pretty balls and hanging leaves 🙂


Ninotchka’s all-time favorite, Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce (IDR 34,000)

See that yummy platter? Yes, I finished the whole thing.

The mushroom sauce was very creamy and delicious, I’m just glad that it didn’t come in petitĂ© portion (I have a big belly, haha!) The grilled chicken was tender and tasty, so much for only IDR 34K! Where else can you get something so creamy and tasty with such affordable price??


The highlight of this post: A yummy cup of green tea frappe and a couple of Vanilla macarons.

I’m glad that I ordered cold green tea frappe, it cooled down the heat inside my head (thanks, summer!) I didn’t try their signature hot chocolate because it was too hot that day, maybe next time!

The green tea frappe was really kicking inside my mouth, it wasn’t too sweet, creamy and the taste of the green tea was just right.

Now look at those cuties! Say hello to the cutest Vanilla macarons! I wanted to order for more flavors but unfortunately it wasn’t available that day 😩

Nevertheless, I fell in love already with these two!

So much for lunch and tea time yet it didn’t cost us too much.

Ninotchka is one of the prettiest cafĂ© I’ve ever been to in Jakarta yet very pocket-friendly. Totally perfect for you students who love to hang out after school!

Check out their website for information about their menu, location and promotions:

Also, don’t forget to follow them on Instagram (@NINOTCHKA_JKT) Twitter (@NINOTCHKA_JKT) and Facebook: Ninotchka Coffee Parlour & Diner

Ninotchka Coffee Parlour & Diner

Sweet Tooth Cravings Fulfillment – Magnum CafĂ© Indonesia

You sure are familiar with Magnum ice cream, right?

You know, the extraordinary looking ice cream even from the packaging itself, the thick Belgian Chocolate and the sweet, yummy ice cream that melts in your mouth. It feels like a torture imagining how delicious Magnum ice cream tastes in this scorching heat of summer *somebody please buy me Magnum*

Magnum keeps inventing new flavors, from classic, gold, chocolate & strawberry, chocolate brownie, chocolate truffle, almond and so on. But have you  heard of Magnum Café?

Magnum Café

Yes, it exists. Not only in my head, but in reality.

It’s no ordinary cafĂ©. The moment my friends and I arrived, we were welcomed with a super long queue. No wonder, no one can reject the heavenly smell of chocolate even from miles away, for sure *exaggerating*

But yeah, seriously, who doesn’t love chocolate?

Magnum Café

Surprisingly, they don’t just sell ice-cream, folks!

Their desserts are indeed to die for. Not only the presentation is perfect, they taste delicious too. Oh my goodness, I’m wondering if they have a bunch of fairy godmothers working for them secretly! It tastes like magic!






Look at those beautiful desserts. I was saddened that I had to lay my hands on them, I actually wished I could keep them forever. *cries* but then *eat happily*

It was sweet, of course, the Magnum ice cream isn’t the usual ones you can get in the supermarket or somewhere in the street, it’s totally different. After I visited Magnum CafĂ©, I had to visit the gym right after to burn everything! Die you sugaaaaarrrr!

Magnum Caesar Salad

Magnum Sunshine Dory

You might also wanna try having lunch before ordering your dessert. Here’s Caesar Salad and Sunshine Dory (I know, so much cuteness for a meal) Their Caesar Salad is good, but I hope next time they’ll cut the lettuces into smaller cuts so it won’t be a hassle for customers to eat *I looked like a cow when I tried to put it inside my mouth MOOOO*

The Sunshine Dory is basically cream dory breaded with flour then deep-fried and topped with orange sauce. Surprisingly, it tasted delicious! When visiting Magnum Café expect to spend IDR 50,000++ for dessert and more on food.

Magnum Hot Chocolate

Now to close this thread! Meet this yummy lady from Magnum Café, the creamiest hot chocolate!

I don’t even remember what was the last time I had a good hot chocolate, it’s been awhile. But this! It really “hit the spot” so creamy, not too sweet, tasted just right.

So folks, if you’re tired after hours of shopping in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, rush to the West Mall, 6th floor and pick your favorite dessert at The Magnum CafĂ©. Check out their official website here.

And oh, if you’re from The Philippines, don’t you worry! Magnum CafĂ© is opening soon in SM Aura on 8th April 2014. Yaaay!

The New Magnum CafĂ© | Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, West Mall, 6th floor, Jl. MH. Thamrin No.1, Jakarta – Indonesia


Gio Vanese – Italian Mexican Dining

Many of my Indonesian friends are clueless about the name of “Gio Vanese”. No wonder, this restaurant is still considered as new player in Supermal Karawaci. The first time I got there, the interior design caught my eyes. The orange bricks and wooden chairs with some vintage touch are truly eye-catching. I was surprised that the waitresses speak good English too! Oh my, it’s so rare to find a good restaurant in Indonesia with English-speaking waitresses (FYI it’s a total hassle for foreigners).

Gio Vanese serves not only meals but they also have pastries and cakes corner, how convenient that is!

Grilled Caribbean Chicken Salad

Here’s Grilled Caribbean Chicken Salad. Crunchy, fresh lettuce with tasty salad dressings. It’s quite a kick for starter, so you better be hungry before you get here! 🙂

Caesar Salad

Gio Vanese’s Caesar Salad.

I always order Caesar Salad for appetizer whenever I see it on the menu in any restaurant. I like comparing Caesar Salad (since it’s my favorite), Gio Vanese’s Caesar Salad was delicious, no doubt, but sadly the portion wasn’t enough for me (well, maybe I was too hungry, lol). It was delicious, folks. Topped with grilled chicken breasts and bacon slices, nom nom nom.

Rotisserie Chicken

It looks mouth-watering, I know. Here’s Rotisserie Chicken by Gio Vanese.

Not too much explanation, the picture tells all, lol. It was beautifully roasted, just look at the skin! I can still remember how tasty and crispy it was! Not to mention the meat, so full of taste and tenderness. Oh, I just hope I can just go back here whenever I want to! (BRB buy myself a private jetplane, lol!)

Grilled Red Snapper Pasta

Can you see those small black olives? I LOVE ‘EM SO MUCH!

The grilled red snapper! I might sound exaggerating, but it was so delicious and tender I could die on the spot! Seriously, I don’t know how they cooked it this good *cries*

Overall, I was so happy. The quality of the food, the ambience, the service were all excellent. It wasn’t too pricey like it could eat up all of your money in your wallet, lol! It cost us less than IDR 100,000 for a single meal, we spent for almost IDR 300,000 that day, lol! It’s Gio Vanese at Supermal Karawaci near the Debenhams entrance, by the way. They also have another branch in Gandaria City, Jakarta. I promise myself that I have to go back and drag my husband there once we go back to Indonesia! Thank you so much, Gio Vanese!

By the way, follow them on twitter: @GiovaneseID

Gio Vanese – Italian Mexican Dining: Supermall Karawaci, Jl. Boulevard Diponogoro No. 105, Karawaci (021-54220560)


Sushi War

Sushi Tei’s Salmon Sashimi

Sushi and sashimi are both my favorite. I think if I have a list of food I like the most, these will make it to the top of the list.

In Indonesia, we have soooo many sushi restaurants. Sushi Tei, Poke Sushi, Hachi-Hachi Bistro are the three well-known sushi restaurants we have back in my hometown. Maybe some of you already know Sushi Tei, I saw one once in Malaysia at Pavilion KL. Haven’t tried it here in KL though, but I’m sure it tastes somehow similar.

Sushi Tei’s Dragon Roll

Among three restaurants I’ve mentioned above, Sushi Tei has been my favorite of all. Not to mention the freshness of the meat, you can really taste the sweetness of the cold salmon meat in your tongue. Besides the salmon sashimi, you should as well try their Chuka Idako (raw baby octopus). It’s one of my favorite, it tastes so sweet and crunchy, it doesn’t taste bad (as it looks). Don’t forget to order their dragon roll too, I don’t really eat sushi rolls, but when it comes to delicious unagi rolls or cheese rolls, I wouldn’t complain. 😉

When I went to Poke Sushi, I wasn’t satisfied with the salmon sashimi they served. It comes without bag of ice, it’s somehow smaller and the slices are thinner too. The meat became too soft and not-so-fresh anymore. Their seaweed salad was fine though.

When you visit Poke Sushi, try to order the Volcano rolls, it’s a must-try! You wouldn’t regret it!

Poke Sushi

I couldn’t resist Hachi-Haci Bistro’s Energizer (big platter)!


It comes with a looooot of sushi rolls and my favorite (Volcano rolls!). If you’re dining out with a group of friends or family, you should definitely order this one, you won’t regret it, I promise. About their sashimi, I tried their chirashi, which contains of salmon, tuna, octopus, and other fish meats that I couldn’t forget the taste!


Why? Because it tastes and smells so fishy. Their salmon/tuna/octopus were fresh enough even though it comes without any bag of ice. The octopus meat was so crunchy and sweet. It was the first time for me to find tobiko (flying fish roe) on top of sashimi, because they usually use it for sushi. I ate it anyway and it tasted delicious, it adds value to the presentation as well (lol trying to be artistic all of the sudden).

Among these three, Hachi-Hachi Bistro comes with the lowest price yet delicious food. It’s always crowded there, either inside of the restaurant or in the waiting line, lol. And oh, they also have other food besides sushi and sashimi. They have udon, ramen, even steak and rice. Quite flexible for you who don’t eat sushi/raw fish meat, right? 😉

Sushi Tei:

Hachi-Hachi Bistro: Central Park, Lower Ground Unit 234, Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 28, Slipi. Phone: (021) 56985592

Poke Sushi:

Tamani Cafe

Fresh Salmon Fillet

It was my graduation ceremony last week, so I invited my friends to Tamani Cafe to treat them a yummy dinner. Here’s what I come up with: Caesar Salad, Fresh Salmon Fillet with mushroom sauce and a combo steak which includes salmon, chicken, mushroom and beef. We went to Tamani Cafe, the one in Summarecom Mall Serpong Downtown Walk, the interior design attracted me first, I’ve known Tamani for a long time and their meals never fail us.

Caesar Salad

Their Caesar Salad was the cheesiest one I’ve ever tasted, I like the dressing, really. It’s not too sour like other restaurants have, it’s somehow tastier. It’s always best to have salads as starter before anything else, agree?

I had the Fresh Salmon Fillet for main course, the 300gr fresh salmon well done grilled, I can still recall how tasty it was, yum. I know it’s really unusual, but I’d like to recommend their mashed potato, it was probably one of the best. Their mashed potato tasted so creamy and it’s so rich with taste, it would be so much better if you order for mashed rather than fried ones, besides it’s healthier too.

Combo steak of salmon, beef, chicken and vegies. My boyfriend ordered this because he couldn’t decide what to have among salmon, beef, or chicken, so he just went for this one. lol. Anyway, I had a chance to taste it and it was delicious! I forgot how much it was, it was in a special menu and they don’t have it in their regular menu. The beef steak actually looked like burger ham, but don’t judge a book by its cover! It actually has rich beef-y taste.

So, if you’re looking for a place to eat tonight, why don’t you drop by Tamani Cafe and tell me how it goes? Nomnomnom!