Savoey Seafood Patong – Patong, Thailand

Ah, back to daily routine..

I just came back from anniversary trip to Phuket, Thailand with my husband. It was my first time to visit Thailand and indeed, people are right! Thailand is truly a land of smiles! The people are so nice, friendly and funny! They really love to make jokes of everything. It was truly an awesome experience.

Anyway, on the first day we went to Patong beach. You’ll love this place if you enjoy shopping, clubbing, drinking, bargaining (lol!) It was really fun to shop along the Soi Bangla Road and Rat U Thit Road. We spent hours wandering, shopping and we found ourselves famished. Fresh seafood would be nice for dinner, I said to my husband. So then we looked for a place to eat and we found Savoey Seafood.

Savoey Seafood Patong

Savoey Seafood is located just around the corner of Bangla Road, just along the Beach Road. It’s very easy to spot this big seafood restaurant and I think it’s kind of famous too among locals, not to mention the crowded tables! Our driver also mentioned that it’s one of the best seafood restaurants in Phuket, so I can say we’ve made the right choice to feast at this place!

One thing that attracted my attention is the live seafood stall! You can really smell the fresh seafood even from across the road.

Savoey Seafood Patong

Tiger prawns and lobsters.

Savoey Seafood Patong

And more lobsters.

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I wanted to try their lobster so badly, but this allergies thingy kept me away from all the delicious food. So sad!

Anyway, we ordered the original Tom Yum/Tom Yum Goong (300THB) This is the highlight of this post, you’ll know why, just keep reading!

Savoey Seafood Patong

I’ve tried Tom Yum for numerous times in my life, but haven’t really tried the original one. Originally made by Thais.

We ordered the medium size, perfect for two hungry people. My husband has never been fond of Tum Yum back in Malaysia, but this one changed his mind. I have no other word except delicious! It tasted so differently with so many bowls of Tom Yum that I have eaten in my entire life! I’m trying not to be exaggerated but this one is perfect. It has the taste of herbs, spices and a little bit sour and spicy, but surprisingly there’s also a hint of cream or milk, which also brings the sweetness in it. The shrimps and squids were so fresh and sweet. I’ve never tasted it in any other places before, it has always been sour and spicy all this time but this Tom Yum bowl has given me a brand new experience!

Aside from Tom Yum, we also ordered the steam fish with chinese so sauce (700THB)

You can pick your own fish on their live seafood stall, they will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect fish you want.

Savoey Seafood Patong

My husband and I were still in an unexplainable moment of admiration over the Tom Yum Goong so we didn’t really find this one as surprisingly delicious as the Tom Yum, but it was delicious. The fish, like I said before, was fresh and sweet. It was topped with slices of red chilis and green onions, the sauce was undeniably delicious, it has some kind of aroma, perfect match with the fish and the green onions.

I deeply regretted that we missed to try their prawns/lobsters (bad, bad allergies!) But yeah, maybe someday we’ll be back! We’d definitely go back if there’s chance!

Savoey Seafood is indeed something. Their staffs are really kind, friendly and helpful. If you’re visiting Phuket soon, don’t miss it on your list. Pick the outdoor seats if the weather isn’t too gloomy. And oh, for drinks, try their lime juice! It’s so fresh and refreshing, not too sour and not too sweet, just perfectly right!

If you’re wondering where it is, do check out their website here.

It’s indeed a perfect place to have seafood feast after long hours of tiring shopping! 🙂